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About my work.

I am just a beginner but I love with passion what I am doing.

It’s a particular style but this is me; it’s my life and my works are part of it. It might not be at a too high level now, I am still a beginner and self-taught. I work hard and many hours to create those images from pencils.

I have a good eye for many imagines out there, but my love is to create myself my images, characters for my texts or poems, that reflect my life, feelings, ideas.

My style involves a lot of work and dedication and requires talent not only for drawing but for writing as well. Only fussed together comes out the power of my message. I really don’t know how to name my style. It’s a combination of writing with a graphic representation of a moment of my life or a feeling or as I said before, an idea, a thought, or a message to the world. It’s not so simple as it appears at first site and if one does not pay attention to both parts they will miss the message of the whole creation. One part without the other is weaker; the power of the creation stands in the fusion of two works of art.

People are not used, yet with this style. At no school has been heard about it.

It’s a noble passion!

It’s new, it’s original, it’s my style and most important, I love it with passion and I am sure it’ll be a powerful trend in arts, because it’s the mirror of the artist’s sacrifice, dedicating himself: physically, spiritually and emotionally to his/hers work of art.

It’s painful but he/she loves it with great passion!

Each creation of his/hers bears the footprint of his/hers heart and soul.

I do not work to sell!

I work to be able to breath! It gives me life, power, satisfaction!

It gives me the wisdom to realize:

Life is most important and worth to be lived no matter what.

Also gives me the ability to see:

What a wonderful world is out there!

There has been said and debated so much on art, that we would need a too long time to read all written on this subject.

The cradle of art is inside us. We just have to use all our senses and look for it. Art is everywhere around us. We breath art, we are art. We can create art.

The best language to communicate around the world is art.

The universe is a little known, piece of art.

Just look for it, it’s everywhere, You’ll find it, somehow, somewhere.

Rich the sky and touch a star, You’ll feel it's art, so far!

Touch a heart and feel its beat, Release your heart to talk to it.

The feeling felt by your heart, It is a marvel piece of art!

Ann Evelyn Hansen.




 Spring In December

 On a sunny wonderful day,

I spread my white wings and in my wonder,

I flew in the sky, so high,

Looking down I saw

Spring in December!


It's a wonderful feeling to fly

When a miracle happens up in the sky

And down on Earth,

You see from so high, a splendor:

Spring in December!


Yes, I saw it and felt it in my heart, so sweet

It was my dearest dream come true,

Right at my feet,

Always to remember:

Spring in December!


Get down on Earth you little dreamer

And stop crying your painful heart

One day who knows

Could be again, not so far,

Spring in December!!!



The princess. First letter.

As far as I can remember since I was a little knot I strived to be a golden one.

I used to open my mom's drawers with jewelry and in that very moment I entered in my special enchanting world.

Soon I learned to go or travel wherever I desired. I only had to choose the right necklace or any kind of jewelry as well. Necklaces were the most powerful and charming vehicles to take me where my dream whished.

I loved this part of the day when I could enter my enchanting secret world. I nourished my dearest part of imagination, my spirit and my heart with unimaginable wonderful feelings and scenes surrounded by most suave and melodic music, as well.

Soon I found out how each necklace (i preferred necklaces but later I used other jewelry, too) required a certain outfit and posture. I preferred necklaces but later I used other jewelry as well.

It took me quite a lot of work in front of the mirror to find out the right way and best one to wear jewelry. To make them release on me their miraculous effect of surrounding my whole image with a special aura and charisma. Time passes in it's own way; and I grew up.

From that very moment the princess has been born!

Wherever I went I was turning heads and I was showered with compliments.

Today I am: the princess!

It«s time to stand up streight and be what you feel you want to be! ! !

See you next time my sweet fellow princesses!

Ann Evelyn Hansen

The princess

The Princess. Second Letter.

Hello, out there! Who wants to enjoy life?

Oh, I know it’s recession. It affects everybody. You know what? You suffer or not the recession stays and we better learn to deal with it and also enjoy our lives no matter what. You know time never stops and we have only one life.

How many Minutes are in a lifetime? Lots of them! The problem is these minutes are in constant movement. They never stop passing by and so minimizing our life lots of minutes. One, two, three… And in no time the gazillion of minutes are gone and we have to go to sleep a little…

I know it’s said. But if we work on this we can have a very happy life.

Let’s refresh a little our body and mind.

Think positive and creative. Be a “builder”. Pull together all the confidence In your successful future and the passing and never returning minutes won’t be in vane. In a miraculous way you’ll be greatly rewarded.

Your dreams will always come true. In no time you’ll be a princess, or of course whatever you wish to be.

With this here are a few secrets to help you with the formula.

First you really have to strongly know what kind of person you want to be. You don’t necessarily have to be a Princess. The formula works for who ever you want to be.

If you want to live a pleasant, happy, beautiful and full of joy life you need more than a little thinking. You have to work with your mind, heart and spirit for a while. It’s the most pleasant and easy school. It’s the school of life. You have to know that you as a human being are extremely rich in inner resources, better than 24k gold, purest diamonds and rear gemstones all together

If you want to use your hidden treasure for the scope of your dream, believe in it!

To be continued.

The princess.

The Princess. Third Letter.  

Hi, Everybody ready? Shell we start to work on us for reaching our dream?

Of course we are! Congratulations! You see that’s the way towards your fist step of the “dream come true road”.

We are all decided to succeed and confident in our dream. It doesn’t matter the age. You have18years or 80years, it works the same. No! It’s not snake oil at all. For snake oil you had to pay and got a hope of a wish come true. For my sharing with you my experience of life it’s from the bottom of my heart: free! On top of it I would be so happy to help all Ladies out there to get out of the “trap” they are in. Of course I am referring to those who need help, this kind of help. I wish there are out there, Ladies who do not need any help. It would be wonderful! I wish I’ll meet that lady which says: I am 100% happy with me and my life and I wouldn’t change a bit of it. Can you name one? We know very well the effort is futile.

I think somebody asked what about me; Very good question that brings more light in my “snake oil” treatment.

My beloved Ladies, nobody can say I am 100% … . But I can say I am living the happiest life I’ve ever lived up till now. I feel so good about myself inside and outside. I wouldn’t change a thing. I wasn’t so refined and classy when I was 18. I had my young freshness, but I was missing so much from knowing how to project my personality as a refined one and have the confidence and “powers” I have now. The experience, knowledge, the confidence, courage, the class, the refinement and so many other skills you accumulate in years can’t be measured or compared with any richness in the world.

Imagine our brain is used only 10% or the most 15%. It contains so much power we are not able to comprehend. We can do “miracles” using our brain.

My dear Ladies we are so “rich” each of us that we can’t measure it. The only thing remains now is: learn to use that “richness”! Don’t hesitate, anybody can do it: a child, a young one, an old person, as well. But now we talk about Ladies only. Now we have the “ammunition”, we are ready to fight for our success.

Before that we have to rest a little my Fair Ladies.

Next episode we’ll see how we’ll do it.

I can’t wait to see you next time: refreshed, with your posture strait and shining faces ready to go.

See you next time my Sweet Gracious Ladies.

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The princess. The Fifth Letter.

Posted on April 29, 2011 at 6:17 PM

The Princess. The Fifth Letter.

My dear ladies. Spring is coming. What a joy. Nature is reborn in all, its splendor. Day is longer and brighter. The sun shines so mighty and the birds get their nest ready for the new members of the family. Everybody is busy and in high spirits.

We have all the reasons to be happy that this wonderful season is coming.

Listen your heat. What is she saying? Mine is saying:” I am so happy and full of energy like a 18 years one”. If you really listen to it your heart will tell you what she feels.

Take some spring flowers and press them gently against your heart and than for sure you’ll hear it speaking to you. She will tell you sweet delicate words to make you feel good. She will tell you about love, love is the most important and sublime feeling. Who does not loved and felt that seductive beautiful feeling. Love keeps you young and happy So, my sweet ladies, take advantage of the Spring and take the most and the best it offers you. Do your best and get in bloom as the most beautiful flower, Spring can offer us.

I am quiet ready and eager to enjoy in full the precious gifts nature brings us now.

You have to get ready for Spring. Check your Spring clothes, make up, cologne and all other things that we use to transform us into princesses. We do not forget about our posture. It’s very important. We have to be fresh and a proper posture.

Spring gives us all the reasons in the world to change from what we were in much better one. For every person there is panty of room for improvement.

Let’s go for it!

The Princes.

The princess. The Fourth Letter.

Posted on April 29, 2011 at 6:15 PM

The Princess. The Fourth Letter.

My sweet ladies. It’s quite a long time since we did not talk a little about our world.

I am sorry but life it’s taking with its wave if you do not pay attention or make an effort to keep the path straight.

Many things and events attract your attention to here or there and you forget about your inner world that is most important than any.

Did you ever think how rich are we inside our heart? How many lives do we host and dearly treasure sweet dreams, that in fact are so much loved wishes, precious wishes we so dearly expect one day to come true?

Each of us we have dreams.

In my previous letters I told you how, a dream can come true. I still hold it as possible. You remember the first and main condition is: do not forget your dream.

Hold it in your heart constantly and believe in it. One day it will come true.

What I draw for you is nothing else but my dreams, my wishes, my inner lives. Ones accomplished already some I wait for them to come true.

So you get part of my real life and part of wishes or just fantasy.

Fantasy is a very important part of our lives, too. Fantasy often coincides exactly with our dreams, wishes. Fantasy enriches our imagination that at its turn develops our ability to be creative. Creativity at its turn helps you with your wish.

Taking all this into consideration, you are on the right track. For the rest your brain will take care of your wish. Just don’t abandon your believe in it: You can do it if you keep it in your mind all the time.

Believe in your dreams my Princesses! One day they will come true!

Now let your fantasy tell you the wonderful story that this drawing is all about. Learn to read in the person’s eyes and you’ll learn a lot about their secret world.

The eyes are the mirror of our soul.

Use your fantasy and enjoy knowing to read others mind.

See you next time sweet ladies.

The Princess.

The Princess. The Sixh Letter.

Posted on April 29, 2011 at 6:11 PM

The Princess. The Sixth Letter.

It’s Spring and I see most of the people just going through the motion not living the joy brought by this wonderful season. All are very preoccupied and even worried.

It’s true the world is changing and not in giving us an easier life but full of catastrophes one after the other.

Than we remember the Maya prophesies: end of the world or an era.

Ghadafi is full of temper. Not a good one!

Shiai and Suni can’t stand each other.

In Arab world the tribes started to remember things that bring only hate among them.

The Japan earthquake and tsunami in one, plus the worst ones since very long time.

Those in power, I mean those whom most of the people don’t even realize they exist, they become greedier and greedier not spearing anything in their lost of control urge to be rich and richer, powerful and more powerful. We blame the goverement and the President in special, they are just playing their given role on the stage that is made for our eyes and for innocent people who believe in government: ”the free bread and shows in amphitheatres given by Patricians to the Roman commoners”.

How can we fight with these monsters: the banks, that are in fact one of the powerful ones, tool to squeeze us of our money and keep us hooked in their net.

Did you ever count how many times we pay taxes on our money? You make a move you pay a tax. The noose is already so tighten around our neck that we make a wrong move, we lose our house, everything or our life.

Now that we know who is really in power in this world, it’s too late for us. We can’t do anything. You now the noose I mentioned? We are more and more robots. We don’t live a life we would like we live a life that was given and allowed to us.

What to do?

We could open our eyes and mouth and use our brains. But generally people are not used to think they can make a change. With this thought we can’t. But if we really would be decided to go for our rights we can. In number stays a lot of power if it is aware of the reality.

Lots of people would say: “i don’t know I am used to go to job and eat the tasteless “food”, live the colorless life and watch T. V. Robots!

Don’t you see that is no more appreciated : romantics, lyrics, suave songs, tender love, classy behavior, good taste. Now the wirder and wirder is accepted by our “art critics”.

I think we are depressed enough!

Let’s go out and find Spring and smell the roses! We might find somebody who can make us happy!

The princess. The Seventh Letter.

Posted on April 29, 2011 at 6:05 PM

The Princess. The Seventh Letter.

As I said before, time is in continuous movement: passing by non stop and one day we wonder how much our life has changed and how fast. It was like yesterday when I was talking to my dear once and now it’s an emptiness in my soul when they all went to sleep for a while.

It was yesterday when my Mom was with me and we were talking about so many things. I see her very well as she used to be when she was young: an Angel! I always admired her dignity, elegance, finesse, sensibility, good manners, kind and melodic voice. Her gentle way to touch my hand when she wanted to make me aware of a mistake, I made.

She always new how to approach a toughing subject. She was so delicate, so gracious, surrounded by magic charisma. Yes, she had very much charisma. When she passed through the rooms I loved to watch her beautiful full of grace and class figure. I only herd a slight soft friction of the silk dress. She seemed to slide sooner than to walk. Her head was always graciously held high and when she turned she did it in a very smooth and gentle way still holding her posture like a Queen. A very refined fragrant of lavender and lily of the valley was always accompanying her presence. Heavenly scent. I could feel it on the halls and I new she recently passed by there.

Look at her face. Her eyes and face will tell everything about her.

She is the one who gave me the idea that I can do everything I want; but I have to want it so much that the wish to accompany me all the time.

She was so true!

She is gone now, were all go one day sooner or later, but her presence I feel it so powerful. She is always watching over me.

She is with me all the time.

I made this portrait of hers with a hand that flew by itself on the paper. It was so easy. Her imagine was present on the paper I just had to follow the contour of her figure.

I love you Mom and I adore your permanent presence.