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The princess. The Seventh Letter.

Posted on April 29, 2011 at 6:05 PM

The Princess. The Seventh Letter.

As I said before, time is in continuous movement: passing by non stop and one day we wonder how much our life has changed and how fast. It was like yesterday when I was talking to my dear once and now it’s an emptiness in my soul when they all went to sleep for a while.

It was yesterday when my Mom was with me and we were talking about so many things. I see her very well as she used to be when she was young: an Angel! I always admired her dignity, elegance, finesse, sensibility, good manners, kind and melodic voice. Her gentle way to touch my hand when she wanted to make me aware of a mistake, I made.

She always new how to approach a toughing subject. She was so delicate, so gracious, surrounded by magic charisma. Yes, she had very much charisma. When she passed through the rooms I loved to watch her beautiful full of grace and class figure. I only herd a slight soft friction of the silk dress. She seemed to slide sooner than to walk. Her head was always graciously held high and when she turned she did it in a very smooth and gentle way still holding her posture like a Queen. A very refined fragrant of lavender and lily of the valley was always accompanying her presence. Heavenly scent. I could feel it on the halls and I new she recently passed by there.

Look at her face. Her eyes and face will tell everything about her.

She is the one who gave me the idea that I can do everything I want; but I have to want it so much that the wish to accompany me all the time.

She was so true!

She is gone now, were all go one day sooner or later, but her presence I feel it so powerful. She is always watching over me.

She is with me all the time.

I made this portrait of hers with a hand that flew by itself on the paper. It was so easy. Her imagine was present on the paper I just had to follow the contour of her figure.

I love you Mom and I adore your permanent presence.

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