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The Princess. The Sixh Letter.

Posted on April 29, 2011 at 6:11 PM

The Princess. The Sixth Letter.

It’s Spring and I see most of the people just going through the motion not living the joy brought by this wonderful season. All are very preoccupied and even worried.

It’s true the world is changing and not in giving us an easier life but full of catastrophes one after the other.

Than we remember the Maya prophesies: end of the world or an era.

Ghadafi is full of temper. Not a good one!

Shiai and Suni can’t stand each other.

In Arab world the tribes started to remember things that bring only hate among them.

The Japan earthquake and tsunami in one, plus the worst ones since very long time.

Those in power, I mean those whom most of the people don’t even realize they exist, they become greedier and greedier not spearing anything in their lost of control urge to be rich and richer, powerful and more powerful. We blame the goverement and the President in special, they are just playing their given role on the stage that is made for our eyes and for innocent people who believe in government: ”the free bread and shows in amphitheatres given by Patricians to the Roman commoners”.

How can we fight with these monsters: the banks, that are in fact one of the powerful ones, tool to squeeze us of our money and keep us hooked in their net.

Did you ever count how many times we pay taxes on our money? You make a move you pay a tax. The noose is already so tighten around our neck that we make a wrong move, we lose our house, everything or our life.

Now that we know who is really in power in this world, it’s too late for us. We can’t do anything. You now the noose I mentioned? We are more and more robots. We don’t live a life we would like we live a life that was given and allowed to us.

What to do?

We could open our eyes and mouth and use our brains. But generally people are not used to think they can make a change. With this thought we can’t. But if we really would be decided to go for our rights we can. In number stays a lot of power if it is aware of the reality.

Lots of people would say: “i don’t know I am used to go to job and eat the tasteless “food”, live the colorless life and watch T. V. Robots!

Don’t you see that is no more appreciated : romantics, lyrics, suave songs, tender love, classy behavior, good taste. Now the wirder and wirder is accepted by our “art critics”.

I think we are depressed enough!

Let’s go out and find Spring and smell the roses! We might find somebody who can make us happy!

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