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The princess. The Fifth Letter.

Posted on April 29, 2011 at 6:17 PM

The Princess. The Fifth Letter.

My dear ladies. Spring is coming. What a joy. Nature is reborn in all, its splendor. Day is longer and brighter. The sun shines so mighty and the birds get their nest ready for the new members of the family. Everybody is busy and in high spirits.

We have all the reasons to be happy that this wonderful season is coming.

Listen your heat. What is she saying? Mine is saying:” I am so happy and full of energy like a 18 years one”. If you really listen to it your heart will tell you what she feels.

Take some spring flowers and press them gently against your heart and than for sure you’ll hear it speaking to you. She will tell you sweet delicate words to make you feel good. She will tell you about love, love is the most important and sublime feeling. Who does not loved and felt that seductive beautiful feeling. Love keeps you young and happy So, my sweet ladies, take advantage of the Spring and take the most and the best it offers you. Do your best and get in bloom as the most beautiful flower, Spring can offer us.

I am quiet ready and eager to enjoy in full the precious gifts nature brings us now.

You have to get ready for Spring. Check your Spring clothes, make up, cologne and all other things that we use to transform us into princesses. We do not forget about our posture. It’s very important. We have to be fresh and a proper posture.

Spring gives us all the reasons in the world to change from what we were in much better one. For every person there is panty of room for improvement.

Let’s go for it!

The Princes.

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