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The princess. The Fourth Letter.

Posted on April 29, 2011 at 6:15 PM

The Princess. The Fourth Letter.

My sweet ladies. It’s quite a long time since we did not talk a little about our world.

I am sorry but life it’s taking with its wave if you do not pay attention or make an effort to keep the path straight.

Many things and events attract your attention to here or there and you forget about your inner world that is most important than any.

Did you ever think how rich are we inside our heart? How many lives do we host and dearly treasure sweet dreams, that in fact are so much loved wishes, precious wishes we so dearly expect one day to come true?

Each of us we have dreams.

In my previous letters I told you how, a dream can come true. I still hold it as possible. You remember the first and main condition is: do not forget your dream.

Hold it in your heart constantly and believe in it. One day it will come true.

What I draw for you is nothing else but my dreams, my wishes, my inner lives. Ones accomplished already some I wait for them to come true.

So you get part of my real life and part of wishes or just fantasy.

Fantasy is a very important part of our lives, too. Fantasy often coincides exactly with our dreams, wishes. Fantasy enriches our imagination that at its turn develops our ability to be creative. Creativity at its turn helps you with your wish.

Taking all this into consideration, you are on the right track. For the rest your brain will take care of your wish. Just don’t abandon your believe in it: You can do it if you keep it in your mind all the time.

Believe in your dreams my Princesses! One day they will come true!

Now let your fantasy tell you the wonderful story that this drawing is all about. Learn to read in the person’s eyes and you’ll learn a lot about their secret world.

The eyes are the mirror of our soul.

Use your fantasy and enjoy knowing to read others mind.

See you next time sweet ladies.

The Princess.

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