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Magic Love. #0175


Magic Love.

I loved this girl very much, my sweetest dream come true, she was.

I wished she could be with me all day long to hug her dearly.

She was my brightest shining star, the charming fresh morning spring breath. I needed her next to me every moment to be alive.

When I hugged her my heart was singing. Kissing her was beyond describing. Holding her close was such a desire that angels sang full of joy, above us.

When I needed her I would pick up a red rose; her favorite flower of all. Touching it I would feel her holding my shoulder. Then the desire to embrace her would be so powerful that I turn to hold her in my arms.

I hold her tied but she is gone. What I hold is nothing.

But she was here. She even whispered in my ear: “i love you! ”

I couldn’t even say, back: ”i love you, too! ”

Magic love!

By Ann Evelyn Hansen

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