Ann Hansen Designs

Designer necklace & bracelet sets - 22K gold, gemstones & Swarovski crystals. Maria Theresa chandeliers - Swarovski STRASS AB Crystals. Louis XV interior design - Silik-Milano furniture.

My Work, My Love, My Passion.

 I am primarily an interior designer specialized in high end homes.
I also design jewelry and Louis xv/ Maria Theresa. Chandeliers with Swarovski crystals, too.
Regarding the drawings:
I am just a beginner but I love with passion what I am doing.
It’s a particular style but this is my way of work: my life and my works are part of it. It might not be at a too high level now, I am still a beginner and self-taught. I work hard and many hours to create those images from pencils.
I have a good eye for many imagines out there, but my love is to create myself my imagines, characters for my stories or poems, that reflect my life, feelings, ideas.
My style involves a lot of work and dedication and requires talent not only for drawing but for writing as well. Only fussed together comes out the power of my message. I really don’t know how to name my style. It’s a combination of writing with a graphic representation of a moment of my life or a feeling or as I said before, an idea, a thought, or a message to the world. It’s not so simple as it appears at first site and if one does not pay attention to both parts they will miss the message of the whole creation. One part without the other is weaker; the power of the creation stands in the fusion of two works of art.
People are not used, yet with this style. At no school has been heard about it.
It’s a noble passion!
It’s new, it’s original, it’s my style and most important, I love it with passion and I am sure it’ll be a powerful trend in arts, because it’s the mirror of the artist’s sacrifice, dedicating himself: physically, spiritually and emotionally to his/hers work of art.
It’s painful but I love it with great passion!
Each creation bears the footprint of my heart and soul.
I do not work to sell!
I work to be able to breath! It gives me life, power, satisfaction!
It gives me the wisdom to realize:
Life is most important and worth to be lived no matter what.
Also gives me the ability to see:
What a wonderful world is out there!

There has been said and debated so much about art, that we would need a too long time to read all written on this subject.
The cradle of art is inside us. We just have to use all our senses and look for it. Art is everywhere around us. We breath art, we are art. We can create art.
The best language to communicate around the world is art.
The universe is a little known, piece of art.
Just look for it, it’s everywhere, You’ll find it, somehow, somewhere.
Rich the sky and touch a star You’ll feel it's art, so far!
Touch a heart and feel its beat, Release your heart to talk to it.
The feeling felt by your heart, It is a marvel piece of art!
Ann Evelyn Hansen.
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